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The movie review sites choice review looks at the leading movie review sites and reviews the best choices available.

Movie reviews have become a very popular destination online, largely because the information is always available, on call, whenever people want it.

Because of that popularity, some sites providing movie reviews have progressed to a new level of providing this information, where they not only provide a single stop for movie reviews, but they also consolidate the content of a number of reviews into a general consensus of all reviews. It's an approach not dissimilar to the metasearch trend that has become so popular in information retrieval today, and is a big plus for the ease with which we can now access movie reviews.

now we have readily available a summarized consensus of critical review...

So now we have access not just to a single reviewer's opinion, but the opinion of many, and when that is put together as a whole then it is the type of summarized information most people will find useful, and return to.

A summary on it's own it is probably not enough for most people though, more often than not we still want to read the reviews in full and get a feel for the movie before we watch it, and for that reason the sites providing the summarized information also tend to link through to a good depth of reviews too.

At the same time there are some single-source review sites which have been the benchmark for critical review for some time and these are still as relevant today as they always have been because the source, or the critic is of particular note.

In this choice review we look at what is now available in movie review sites, covering both the review aggregators and the single-source sites, and look at what they offer.

Each one of these sites has a different approach to movie reviews and these features are the focus of this review.

We have taken the top movie review sites and rated them from a users perspective. In particular we have looked at the sites which have become the most popular, through providing the features people want most, and those which provide the best reference and features for movie reviews.



Choice Review Recommends

Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes provides a unique and rather tongue-in-cheek approach to summing up the general consensus of opinion from a large database of reviewers. According to their "tomatometer" if a movie gets more than 60% approval on weighted average, it's fresh, or if it gets less, it's rotten.

But don't worry if the sound of tomatometers and rotten tomatoes doesn't appeal, this site is an exceptionally good tool for getting quick consensus on critical opinion of a movie, then linking you to the full detail of the reviews. Their overall score for a movie is given as a total percentage, and is based on a weighted average of all critics reviews, each of which is shown in brief and linked so you can click through to read any or every every one.

It is now an extremely popular site with something approaching 3 million readers a month and boasts accolades from the Chicago Sun-Times, The New Yorker, USA Today and others. The site is the front end of a fairly substantial database with more than 87,000 movie titles and 200,000 review links.

So if a fast, fun and informative approach to movie reviews is what you are looking for this could be the site for you.


Metacritic provides a roundup of "what the critics are saying", displayed from best to worst reviews by movie, and assign an overall score to the general consensus on the movie.

They do this by taking a cross-section of reviews from a group of  respected movie critics. Then they use their own in-house "metascore" to combine all of the individual review scores into an overall grade for each movie. That way you can gauge the critical consensus at a glance.

All reviews are linked so you can go forward and read the detail from each individual critic. 

So whether you want a quick consensus, or want to read all the reviews individually, Metacritic provides a fast and effective way to get to that information. They also provide the same service for games and music.

Check The Grid
Check The Grid

Check The Grid take movie reviews from a number of notable sources and read them all, assigning a simple color rating to each. They then present the information visually, like a set of traffic lights for each movie, but where you can see what color each reviewer gave it. 

In essence they have reduced all the critic's information on a movie to three colors, where green means go, yellow means caution, and red means don't go.

They then show all the reviews, represented by color on a grid (hence their name), so you can see all the reviews together and get an instant visual consensus on the movie.

If you then want to read the individual reviews, each one is linked so you can get the full content.

This provides a fast visual consensus of critical opinion from a number of sources, backed up by ready access to the detail of the actual reviews.


Top 10


Rotten Tomatoes
Fast, fun and informative approach to providing a huge depth of information on movie reviews.


A fast and effective way to get quick consensus of critical opinion, or to read all the reviews individually on a movie. 

Check The Grid

Fast visual consensus of critical opinion from a number of sources, backed up by ready access to the detail of the actual reviews.

Movie Review Query Engine

Quick access to a substantial depth of reviews from a wide variety of sources including the influential sources from a fast no-frills site.

Cinema Review Magazine

Reviews from authoritive sources grouped into a star rating of 1 to 5 stars.

6 Movie Reviews

Movie reviews grouped by their overall star rating from the site 

Roger Ebert at Chicago Sun-Times
Searchable reviews from one of the most notable movie critics of our time.

Filmcritic hosts more than 3,300 movie reviews and stories from 20 critics

Movie Comments

Features insightful public ratings with brief reviews from each contributor.

IGN FilmForce: Reviews
Current film reviews from the popular IGN network.


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